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The aim of the 'Malaika-team' is to protect AIDS-orphans from living in the streets.

“Malaika e.V.” started when Geert Schroeder, a student from Germany, met street children and AIDS-orphans in Kenya. The extreme poverty of the population shocked him and the fact that more and more young people were dying because of AIDS and leaving thousands of helpless, needy orphans left an indelible impression.

So the idea of an AIDS-orphanage was born. With friends and relatives he founded “Malaika” and they started raising funds. They cooperated with a community-based Kenyan organization and in 2008 a house with a large compound was rented in Nakuru. The house was renovated and all the necessary material to run a children’s home was bought. They soon found local Kenyan citizens who were willing to join the “Malaika family” and together they started the “Malaika-Home”.

In the home there are now 18 orphans, living together just like a family – with a Mama Malaika, some Aunties, Uncle Kago and Moses – and they get everything they need: shelter and food, medical treatment and education. Plus, most importantly, love, affection and security. The team in the home are committed to their work; it’s not just a job for them – the people working here are committed to creating an atmosphere of confidence and optimism!

The Malaika-Project is financed from their own resources and with the donations and funds they are raising. They are trying to inform the public about the problems which are caused by poverty and AIDS. Special events, functions and slide-shows have already been organized and more and more people are becoming involved in this grass roots initiative.

In October 2010 the administration in Nairobi registered Malaika-Home finally and gave a certificate. We hope you’ll be interested in reading the reports of our progress and looking at the pictures on this homepage. We welcome your support, in whatever form.

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