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Supporters and Sponsors:

We gratefully say thank-you to the following companies, private persons and representatives of administration:

  • Sigmar Gabriel, chairman of the German party-leader SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany), for accepting officially to be Malaika’s “Honorary Patron”.
  • the German Embassy in Nairobi for a hearty welcome when the cyclists arrived on their tour “grenzerfahrungen” in Kenya.
  • the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin and personally the Ambassador, His Excellency Mr Kathurima and his wife for a friendly and (charming) farewell at Brandenburger Tor.
  • the Minister for Children and Gender, Mrs. Esther Murugi, for the gracious welcome of the cyclists in Serena Hotel, Nairobi.
  • Faireurope e.V. for a generous donation from Gunter von Foullon – € 3000 Euro – which enabled Malaika e.V. to take in some baby-orphans who need special care. One more caregiver could be recruited.
  • Tour-Operator “Chamaeleon” for some generous donations, especially a sum of € 5000 Euros for the fundraising-tour “grenzerfahrungen”.
  • Tour-Operator “Explore and Help” for conceiving the idea of a journey to Kenya with some days “Malaika-Home” included.
  • the Company “SCHWALBE”, producing high-quality bike tyres, for some generous donations for a cow and for chickens. They offered a special partnership for “grenzerfahrungen-expedition”.
  • the Company “ROHLOFF-Naben”: they donated a few high-quality hubs for the bike-expedition.
  • the company “KOGA Miyata”:they donated 2 high-quality “World Traveller” – bikes for the tour.
  • the solar company “SOLVIS ” for the steady support and partnership and several very generous donations.
  • the Outdoor-Equipment “VAUDE” for handing over high-quality outdoor equipment.
  • the Outdoor-Equipment “GLOBETROTTER” for donations of money and Equipment, f.ex. a big safari-tent.
  • Bikemax Marburg for donations of money and bike-equipment for the “grenzerfahrungen”-tour, also a cycle trailer.
  • Lammsbraeu-beer-production for giving their products for free – organizing events.
  • HP-Velotechnik Liegeraeder for lending us two special bikes with reclining seats for the fundraising-tour in 2007.
  • Tilmann Waldthaler, extreme cyclist,for his patronage of the “grenzerfahrungen-expedition” and other relief-projects.
  • AIDS-Hilfe Germany (Berlin)for the help and support when starting on the “grenzerfahrungen-tour”, especially Mr Litwinschuh’s media work.
  • AIDS-Hilfe Goslar for their financial support and some good advice whenever we needed it.
  • Thorsten Hoyer, extreme hiker and author, for his steady support and his unusual charity-hiking-trips to the benefit of Malaika-project.
  • Tobias Hauser and David Hettich, photographers, who remitted the proceeds of several Mundologia-events to Malaika-project. They gave the newcomers Geert Schroeder and Immanuel Schulz the chance to present their slide-show and Africa-tour-report to a big public.
  • Planetview-slideshow-organizer Geert Schroeder for donating the income of many shows to “Malaika-project”. Moreover he organized the fundraising- tour “grenzerfahrungen” for Malaika.
  • Wunderwelten-slideshow-organizer Immanuel Schulz for donating the income of some shows to Malaika and be the partner in the fundraising-tour “grenzerfahrungen”.
  • many private donors who regularly donate money to Malaika-project.
  • to the students of several German schools in Braunschweig, Salzgitter, Seesen, Marburg and Bodensee-area who organize functions to collect money for Malaika.
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