Celebrating Milestones with Joy!

Hey Malaika fam, it’s time to break out the party hats and balloons because we’ve
had some awesome celebrations lately! We gathered to celebrate birthdays,
milestones, and achievements that fill our hearts with joy.

First up, we honored our amazing kids and staff with birthday bashes filled with
laughter, cake (of course!), and tons of fun. Birthdays at Malaika are always a blast,
with games, treats, and plenty of smiles all around.

But that’s not all! We also had a special graduation ceremony for two incredible
individuals, Diana and Samuel. Diana rocked college and earned her diploma,
while Samuel aced his course in catering and events. We cheered, we clapped, and
we couldn’t be prouder of their hard work and dedication!

These moments remind us of the incredible journey we’re on together at Malaika.
Here’s to many more celebrations and milestones ahead. Let’s keep spreading love, joy and a lots of cake!

Sweet Treats Galore!

Hey there, Malaika fam! Guess what? We recently had a super sweet time with our awesome kids learning the art of baking cakes and pastries. We had a fantastic trainer join us, showing off all the cool tricks to make cakes look as good as they taste!

Our little bakers dove right in, mixing up flour, sugar, and all things yummy. They learned how to whip up fluffy cakes and flaky pastries like pros! But wait, there’s more! The highlight of the day was when our expert showed them how to decorate cakes for birthdays and other celebrations. From frosting swirls to colorful sprinkles, our cakes were ready to steal the show at any party!

We’re so proud of our budding bakers, and we can’t wait to see their delicious creations at our next gathering. Stay tuned for more sweet adventures with Malaika’s kitchen crew!